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The bigger stronger sibling of the DS-85i, the DS-95i has the same adaptability but with more power. It also has output options that provide post-insertion sorting, ideal for businesses using Canada Post’s Work Share programs to get a discount on postage for their mailings – the DS-95i can sort your envelopes into the correct bins/letter-tainers for you!

Why invest in a Folder-Inserter? There are lots of reasons, depending on your business and the types of communications you send. But in a nutshell . . . because it is much faster and takes fewer people . . . because it eliminates a lot of opportunity for human error . . . because it provides the opportunity for closed loop security . . . and because it improves employee satisfaction and engagement when they no longer need to be pulled away from tasks they are responsible for to fold and stuff the mail.

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You can further eliminate pre-sorting (even with variable page-count mailings) with Impress Automate.

Do you qualify for discounts on your postage?

Suffering from RETURNED MAIL? We can help with that too!

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Folding Capacity

Envelope Size

Features/Maintenance Agreement

Key Features 

Standard Functions Collate, fold, insert into and seal a variety of envelopes.
Assembly Speed 4,300 envelopes per hour
Folding Capacity Up to 10 Sheets
Fold Types Letter, Z-Fold, Single, Double Parallel, No Fold
Feeding Capacity 1,200 Sheets (Optional)
Number Of Feeder Up to 7 feeders
Envelope Feeder Capacity 325 Envelops
Size 6 x 9 (T4 size)
Set Thickness 0.01”
Optional Functions Impress Automate
Optical Mark Reading
Barcode Reading (BCR)
Other 10” Touchscreen Screen Display
Secure’nFeed™ Doubles Detection
Wi-Fi connectivity

Remote Assistance

Maintenance Agreement

• All parts and shop supplies
• All travel and labour
• All peripherals (scales, monitors, cables etc.)
• Rollers
• Pad and Sponge*
• Mandatory Supplier / Manufacturer Upgrades / Updates
• Recommended Supplier / Manufacturer Upgrades / Updates
*Only valid with use of Quadient Sealing Solution