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Customer Shipping Survey

Welcome to your Customer Shipping Survey

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How many parcels does your organization average per month?

How much do you spend on parcel shipping per month?

Which couriers do you use? (check all that apply)

How do you currently manage courier shipments?

If a recipient doesn’t receive their shipment, can employees locate tracking information by the customer name?

How do you manage return shipments?

Does your organization schedule Freight Shipments?

How does shipment information get from the point of Order to the warehouse/shipping dock?

Please rank your priorities for your shipping department from #1 (most important) to #3 (least important).
a) Cut total departmental costs by saving money and/or time: ______
b) Simplify our shipping process and streamline internal and customer communications regarding shipments: _______
c) Improve accounting and reconciliation of our shipping costs and shipping income: ______