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iAddress by Quadient

iAddress by Quadient


Return mail costs more than you think.  Tracking down recipients, calls, emails, and CRM updates take time away from the key and critical tasks employees should be doing.  It is also a frustrating and distracting task that is completely avoidable.  And that is what happens AFTER it’s returned to you.

What’s been happening while that mail is NOT getting where it’s supposed to go?  Delayed correspondence robs your business of customer service opportunities, timely payments, meeting deadlines, and finding prospects when you need to.

You. Can. Fix. This.

  • VALIDATE:   That postal code no longer exists.
  • NCOA CROSS-CHECK:  They forgot to tell us they moved.
  • DE-DUPE: We have them in our system 3 times with slightly different spellings and formats.
  • LIVE VERIFICATION:  Thanks for holding!  The postal code you gave me actually corresponds with Evans Rd. S. not Evans Ave W.  Is that correct?
  • PRE-SORT:  Pay less for postage by pre-sorting your mass mailings.


Check here to see if your mailings qualify for Canada Post postage discounts!