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Your Mail Centre Assistant.

Easy-To-Use Folder Inserter to Automate Mail Creation

With the need to identify more efficient and productive ways to conduct business, companies are always looking for solutions to streamline the creation and delivery of business critical communications. Ideally suited to assemble a wide variety of document sizes and types, the DS-85i Mail Assembly System handles them all with ease. Thanks to its best-in-class scanning technology, the DS-85i can read any type of coding to automate variable page assembly jobs to ensure the right documents are always sent to the right person. Add Neopost’s Output Management and AIMS-500 software to optimize document creation and guaranty the accuracy of your mail assembly process, every time.

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Folding Capacity

Envelope Size

Features/Maintenance Agreement

Key Features 

Standard Functions Collate, fold, insert into and seal a variety of envelopes.
Assembly Speed 4,000 envelops per hour
Folding Capacity Up to 10 Sheets
Fold Types Letter, Zigzag, Single, Double Parallel, No Fold
Feeding Capacity 1,200 Sheets
Number Of Feeder Up to 6 feeders
Envelope Feeder Capacity 325 Envelops
Size 6 x 9 (T4 size)
Set Thickness 2.5mm
Optional Functions Output Management Software (OMS)
Optical Mark Reading
Barcode Reading (BCR)
Other 7” colour touchscreen control
Wi-Fi connectivity
Remote Assistance

Maintenance Agreement

• All parts and shop supplies
• All travel and labour
• All peripherals (scales, monitors, cables etc.)
• Rollers
• Pad and Sponge*
• Mandatory Supplier / Manufacturer Upgrades / Updates
• Recommended Supplier / Manufacturer Upgrades / Updates
*Only valid with use of Neopost Sealing Solution