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Is There A Better Way of Doing This???

A “Choose Your Own Adventure” Article for Busy Business Owners Who Need To Get There In THREE MINUTES OR LESS!

I feel like we spend too much time getting each order shipped.

We triple check each of our platforms to be sure we didn’t miss an order.

We want to grow but I’m concerned we might not be able to handle the logistics.

We set our shipping options when we opened and haven’t touched them since. I think they’re working for us.

There are too many variables to track to really understand what products/ shipping windows/ destinations are digging into our profits.

We stick with one carrier to limit the craziness of tracking and reconciling our shipping invoices.

We don’t do enough shipping to get any preferred rates from couriers.

We are too small to spend a bunch of money on shipping software.

Pick your top priority and spend two more minutes getting a quick snapshot of the industry’s best practices.